Annabelle’s strong foundation of faith and family has nurtured a deep commitment to honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Her passion for helping others stems from her parents who are both in helping professions and active in giving to those less fortunate.
Growing up in a biracial family has enabled Annabelle to relate well with people of diverse cultures, ages, and personal styles. She likes to call it “The Best of Both Worlds” factor. She also has a love for animals, especially dogs!!

Annabelle has a bubbly personality and a positive spirit to make this a fun process for you. She has strong attention to detail, and notices things most people wouldn't. Color and spacial awareness come naturally to her. She has a flair for decorating, and an eye for aesthetics. Annabelle’s ability to see the potential in a house, will help you better envision your ‘dream home’. 

Annabelle takes the time to build a relationship with all her clients. Her initial focus is on learning what your needs and desires are. She believes knowing YOU as a person is the first step in a successful transaction.

If you want someone who is passionate about helping you buy or sell your home, Annabelle IS the agent for you! Give her a call and let her assist you with any of your Real Estate needs. 

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